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List of products by manufacturer Hypsoé

Since more than 20 years, Hypsoe has been developing perfumed candles with subtle perfumes in collaboration with the best French perfumers to create a true smell experience inspired by flowers, tea and the Orient.

Today, Hypsoe is one of the market leaders in the interior perfumery industry. The brand is available in more than 40 countries, and has selled more than one million scented candles in the aluminum box. Hypsoe candles are 100% French made.

The lid brings a real plus to these candles. It allows to close the candle so that the object remains very aesthetic, even when the candle has already been partially used. Once placed under the candle, the lid acts as insulation to protect furniture from overheating. Finally, it protects the candle and transports it everywhere (on holiday, ...) so that your candle becomes a travel candle, and since the set is aluminum, this candle does not break.

All these features make Hypsoe perfumed candle, the candle we offer and offer.