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History of Hipanema Collections

Seasons after seasons Hipanema affects the Universe of fashion with its mark by surfing on the ethnic trend, while adding Bahia ribbons, Copacabana bracelets, quartz stones, glass pearls … and various seashells.


Fall Winter 2020 / 2021

For the coming winter, the creators of Hipanema are inspired by the esoteric universe and the cabinet of curiosity. The jewels of the brand are adorned with night butterfly, wolf head, ... and mixed with medals, pampilles, sequins and semi-precious stones.

Hipanema continues its rise in quality, the "golden aspect" leaves room for a 2.5 microns 14 carats gold plating.

A new piece appears, it’s a brooch and it’s the very first of Hipanema.

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Summer 2020

This season again the summer collection of Hipanema jewelry is very complete: rings, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, earrings take the brand’s DNA. Shells, gold pieces, semi-precious stones, glass beads, ... in colourful combinations.

Other hot news Amenapih becomes Wild by Amenapih. Why Wild ? Because Wild means both wild, free and extravagant. All these adjectives perfectly reflect what the brand is and what women wearing Wild by Amenapih clothes, swimsuits and accessories are.

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Fall Winter 2019 / 2020

Often we anchor a strong moment in life by marking it with a precious object that we transmit from generation to generation, like a talisman that would remind us who we are and where we come from.

In its winter 2019/ 2020 collection, Hipanema finds its inspiration in the beauty of the old, in the fascination of the trophy and the lucky charm. This colourful effervescence is found in jewellery that carries the weight of meaning.Amulets against bad luck dance with precious vanities, and the stars accompany the primitive deities. 

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Summer 2019

Six years after the first Brazilian bracelets and their worldwide success, the 2 creators have come a wonderful way both in their expanse and in their creations. They could have confined themselves to the development of their inconical bracelets, but instead, each saion more than 150 new models are born. Constantly looking for new products, the brand offers a wide range of jewellery ranging from bracelets to earrings, but also to necklaces, hoops, rings and chockers.

Drawing inspirations from travel to distant lands, but also through time and history, Jenny and Delphine never cease to delight you with the cheerfulness of their creations.


Fall Winter 2018 / 2019

Shining stars, silver comets and hypnotic moon compose this esoteric and precious collection. Either discret nor majestic, celestial bodies are rising stars. Exceptional necklaces and sparkling earrings will shine bright this season and complete the new Hipanema bracelets collection.

This collection is full of mysteries, of gold treasure found, of precious talismans. Real journey among fables, that brings us to this hidden gems, like an quest for mayan gold. Surrounded with prospective moon croissants, antique gold and faded diamonds, this shamanic collection is the perfect lucky charm.

Summer 2018

Summer colors are pink and turquoise.

Soft or coral, pink makes a statement this season. A touch of feminity on a summer palette. Multiple links matching with sunset colors, and earrings glittering on dusty tones. 

Turquoise splendour through Egyptian and American native inspirations, that holds the secret of a versatile wardrobe. Blue stone draped in gold enlightens necklaces, dangle earrings and bracelets with elegance. Boho chic looks is spreading over these vintage inspired jewels.


Fall Winter 2017 / 2018

Sometimes shimmering, the cuffs open up like flower buds in the sun. Sometimes wild, the jewelry conceals secrets, like true talismans. Wondeful fall-coloured treasures that sparkle amongst nature's beauty.

Sophisticated, simple, desirable, obsessive, this jewelry collection pays special attention to your desires.


Summer 2017

Located in the Bahia region in Brazil, the Church of Nosso Senhor built the legend of the lucky bracelet back in the nineteenth century. The famous “da bonfim” ribbons were first distributed in Salvador by this Church, well known for its healing miracles. The faithful delivered offerings in recognition of their recovery, and in return, they received the famous colored ribbons.

The silk ribbon gradually evolved into a woven cotton bracelet, losing its religious meaning to become a fashion symbol, adopted by the hippies of the 1960s.


Fall Winter 2016 / 2017

This season the collection Hipanema is widely inspired by the gold rush, by the south and western of the United States.

New materials make their appearance in the realization of bracelets Hipanema as for example ropes and especially semiprecious stones and glass stones.

For the first time, Hipanema also decorates the clasp of its bracelets. 4 models have 2 parts of the clasp set of stones.


Summer 2016

This summer Hipanema’s collection is one of the most important collection which the brand never made.

There are 27 models of bracelets (cuffs), bangles engraved with messages, earrings, a lot of necklaces and long necklaces. This collection also gives a good place to the novelties in particular among accessories with hair pics or sunglasses Amenapih by Hipanema collection).

Just like the last winter collection, the summer is inspired by the culture, the subjects and the motives / designs of american native. This is why earrings and long necklaces are inspired by dreamcatcher, bracelets are decorated with eagles, arrows, …

Fall Winter 2015 / 2016

This winter Hipanema sets out to conquer the United States and takes us to live its American dream. The symbols of the country of the uncle Sam are present on bracelets and harmonize marvelously with the DNA of the brand.

There are a lot of news in this collection like two beaded bracelets with a cut motive and several mini-bracelets with small prices.

New necklaces are completing the winter collection

Spring Summer 2015

This summer Hipanema takes you in its luggage and brings you to travel in the most beautiful islands of the world (Bora Bora, Tahiti, Seychelles, Maldives…) Natural materials have the place of honor. These talismans coming right from heaven will brighten your wrists!

The summer collection of the sister brand Amenapih, dedicated to ready-to-wear, is a true invitation to dreams and laziness. This is a complete closet around the beachwear which will bring you to your dream destinations and will make a true island queen!

Fall Winter 2014 / 2015 – Hipanimal

Hipanema comes back this fall with the theme animal kingdom, a campaign with communication based on the boudoir style. This collection’s name is: Hipanimal No more summer seashells, they give in to rhinestones, rocks, leather prints with an animal hide effect. Bracelets are called Lion, Viper, Panthere, Snake, Onyx…

The second marking innovation of this collection comes from the clasps. Black and rosy clasps are added to the silver, golden and black existing clasps.

Moogly and Bagheera are the Hipanema bracelets of the season designed for men. Candle, hats, wide-brimmed hats, gloves, belts, scarves, silk squared chech, tote bags, earmuffs… The Hipanema universe is expanding and proving – if it was still needed – that Hipanema is way more than a trend, it is a lifestyle.


Spring Summer 2014

We travel to Rio de Janeiro this season with Hipanema in a video shot under the sunlight with a seaside view to the sweet music of BB danger. This stylish and colorful collection surfs on the mood of total leisure under the sun and reveals numerous brand new items.

Starting with 5 phosphorescent bracelets, on which the main thread is made with glow in the dark pearls, and glowing under black light for moon parties and night parties. Swimsuits are back with bandeau tops, but also triangle shapes. Of course this look is completed by Panama hat and straw hat, as well as tote bags (Peruvian) or drawstring purse (bagoo).

Men were not forgotten, since Hipanema offers 4 bracelets Hipanema for men: Joe, Brazil, Dalton and Will.

Fall Winter 2013 / 2014

Colors are always present in Hipanema’s universe. This season, we love the news bracelets: Hippie, Aztec, Bloody, the trio Happiness, Tenderness, Lovelyness of which the energy is a cure for the gloominess and the winter.

This Fall, we also love the soft and pastel tones of the Bracelets Shadow, Boudoir, Heaven. Amenapih (the Hipanema brand of ready-to-wear and accessories), born in the summer, releases a micro collection with coats, hats and gloves.

This double collection is articulated around a “western” style, inspired by the movie Les Pétroleuses (with Claudia Cardinale and Brigitte Bardot).

Spring Summer 2013

Nice, Cannes, Saint Tropez, Massilia, Pampa, Biarritz, Amazonas, Sun, Beach … This is the inspiration for this summer 2013 Hipanema’s collection. These bracelets with bright and multicolor threads, pearls, seashells, pompons become simply just become must haves.

UA new format of bracelet with 5 threads appears and fills with joy those who looked for more discreet and trendy jewels.

Hipanema launches a capsule collection perfect for summer with swimsuits of which the bottom is decorated with the threads that are the brand’s success.


Fall Winter 2012 2013

After the first designs created a buzz for the last months, Hipanema’s bracelets are back and bring sunshine in winter, extending the summery trip.

If you love bracelets with multiple threads, pearls, seashells and multicolor threads, it will be hard for you to resist this brand new collection with softer colors that will give energy and peps to your winter outfits. Bracelets are called: Bahia, Copper, Gold, and Salvador. Two designs come in the middle of the collection: Monaco and Brazilia. The cuff is also created in more precious tones like the bracelets Silver and Platine.


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