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Discover our selection of Moroccan carpets and care tips. 

Beni Ouarain Rug

Beni Ouarain rugs are world famous and immediately recognizable by their ivory white color and their often black diamonds. These carpets are considered the most prestigious in Morocco and represent a true symbol of Berber know-how and culture.

They are made by hand in the Middle Atlas (Morocco), in natural sheep wool, with a double knot Berber weaving. They combine the softness of a cozy carpet with often minimalist patterns. 

Thanks to this mixture, these rugs easily find their place in many rooms. They seduce all the deco-addicts who wish to bring a warm and authentic touch.


Zanafi rug

Zanafi carpets are handmade by Berber craftsmen in the middle and high Moroccan Atlas. These rugs are made entirely of natural sheep wool braided flat. The edges have different finishes with fringes.

Two-tone ivory white and black Kilim weaves give these rugs a strong identity. It combines the patterns and drawings of Beni Ouarain rugs with dotted lines and other details also bicoloured.

Each piece is unique. Depending on their size, these carpets will find their place in the living room, the dining room, an entrance, a hallway, an office and of course a bedroom.

The Zanafi rugs combine traditional craftsmanship with a refined ethnic side that adapts perfectly to your interiors, even the most modern.


Kharita rug

Kharita carpets are made with a weaving technique similar to that of Moroccan Kilim. This allows to create the diamond-shaped patterns characteristic of the famous Béni Ouarain rugs.

Each carpet has a different finish on its widths. Some have small fringes, others have braided fringes, … all bear the signature of the weavers who made them.

These unique rugs will illuminate your interior with an amazing contemporary touch for a craft piece.


Here are some tips for caring for your wool rugs

For basic care of your carpet you can vacuum it once or twice a month by adjusting it to a low suction power. Take care to avoid rubbing with too much back and forth support and suck in the direction of weaving. In the beginning, wool fibres will come off which is quite normal. 

By vacuuming your carpet regularly your carpet will inflate its fibers which will make it softer and prevent dust and dirt from becoming embedded

Sponge with paper towel. Spraying with water and spreading baking soda can sometimes be enough. If the stain persists, you can use white vinegar diluted in water, thinking about rinsing gently with clear water, then let it dry. 

For a thorough cleaning, there are soft liquid shampoo to dilute in water. Rub gently and rinse with cold water.

We recommend that you carry out this type of cleaning operation in the summer to let your carpet dry in the sun. If you hang him, you’ll prevent him from getting wrinkles.