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How to apply and remove temporary tattoos (Flash Tattoos, Selon Dolorès …)?

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry (free of cream or body oil).
  2. Cut around the tattoo close the design and remove the protective sheet.
  3. Put the tattoo on your skin and hold a wet cloth (a sponge) against it (for approximately 30 seconds) to make the transfer. Then gently remove the wet sheet. Do not stretch, distort or rub your skin for 10 minutes after the applying the tattoo.


To remove your tattoo, gently rub it with soft makeup remover, body lotion, baby oil…

All temporary tattoos sold on Lili Shopping are non-toxic and meet international standards for cosmetic product industry.

Remaining tattoos should be stored in a cool dry location where the temperature do not exceed 25° C, and if possible away from direct sunlight.

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