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Mya Bay, the story of a destined success

Simple yet sophisticated jewelry

Born from the collaboration between Sophie Johnen and Bruno Colard, Mya Bay is a Belgian brand with a growing success. With a Marketing and Management degree, Sophie starts a commercial career for Mobistar and travels a lot around the world. Bruno Colard owns an engineer degree. He works as a manager for a lot of companies, like Siemens and Altran.

In 2012, they create together the brand Mya Bay, a brand of modern and stylish jewels.

A pure, elegant and refined design: this is how we could describe the brand concept. In order to be worn together or on their own, depending on your tastes, the pieces are chic and go perfectly together for an optimized personalization. Every piece is available in different versions: gold plated, silver plated and rose gold plated. The success is immediate; clients are quickly hooked and collect May Bay’s bracelets.


A lifestyle in the spirit of the times

Jewels that allow women to express their personality through their accessories; this is what Sophie wanted to create. Her gold, silver and rose gold plated pieces are refined, and very simple: “less is more”, as says the precept.

Her inspiration comes from her many travels around the world. She collected sentences and proverbs during her adventures, and she noted them in a notebook. These are the sentences we find on Mya Bay’s jewels. Some sentences are written in English, others in French, since it is still a popular language abroad. 


An immediate and swift success

Mya Bay’s collections are composed of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and scarves: enough to fit every mood and outfits.

Everybody can find themselves in this spirit of mind, especially thanks to the presence of men and kids jewels. This allows the brand to suit everyone, and not only women anymore.

Early 2015, the brand is already sold in more than 15 countries: United-States, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates (Dubai), United Kingdom, Monaco, Italy, Hong Kong, Spain, Lebanon … 

May 2015, Mya Bay innovates again and become one of the first brand to use the "chocolate gold platted" finish also called "chocolate" finish. Lili Shopping loves this novelty and is the first one to offer rings and bracelets Mya Bay in "chocolate" version. 

November 2015, a collection of earrings is added to jewel collection. Earrings are made with  the main motives and design of the brand (bubbles, arrows, script Happiness). The success is immediate.

December 2015,  a few days before Christmas, Lili Shopping is the one and only eshop to reveal the collection brooches made by Mya Bay. As jewels, these brooches are available with a silver platted or gold platted finish.

March 2016, the new collection called "Vitamin Sea" is not available online at Lili Shopping. We are in love of the Maman je t'♡♡♡ bracelet (in french it means "Mum I ♡♡♡ you", this is the perfect gift for mother's day).

Mai 2016, there are a lot of news with the words / scripts bracelets (Happiness, Beautifull, Je t'aime, ...)

September 2016, the "Wild & Free" new collection is online. Mya Bay adds stones at its rings and bangles. You will also find new messages as  "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere" that will be the next Mya Bay must have.

September 2017, the fall winter collection is named Wild Gold

January 2018, "Fever", the new collection is now available

September 2018, "Viagio", Mya Bay winter collection is here. Because travelling is not only discovering wonderful places, it's a new way to see life ... So girls just wanna have fun and wear jewels. 

January 2019, "Exotic vibes", the new summer collection is now online. Mya Bay wants to relase it desire to explore new landscapes and its need for exoticism. This new collection takes you on travel. It speaks about discoveries, sceneries and nature.

July 2019, summer bracelets and summer necklace (Sun Kiss collection) made with cauris are online.

September 2019 - discover the fall winter 2019/ 2020 collection. Named Paradise, Sophie, the creator of Mya Bay inoves again. New jewelry models with a black lacquered cross, acetate bangles decorated with gold-plated inserts, necklaces with medallions set with white stones, ... complete the selection of Mya Bay jewelry available on Lili Shopping.

Since its creation, the brand is growing with its success!

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