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Hipanema hot news


  • February : The summer 2021 collection is online and you will love it. The very first bracelets, the 8 original models with which the Hipanema adventure started are back ! The harclips with the top completely covered with a beaded weave also come back. A really new concept with a clasp and removable links is also part of this season’s novelties.



  • July : Fall Winter is online, come and have a look.
  • February: The new Hipanema collection is online.Other novelty Amenapih (Hipanema’s ready-to-wear brand and accessories) evolves and becomes Wild by Amenapih



  • February : Hot news, the SS collection is available. Between chic solar and everlasting charm, the Hipanema jewelry is decorated with semi-precious stones sublimated by the hand of the craftsmen of the brand.
  • July : Fall/ Winter 2019 2020 arrives on Lili Shopping. This collection draws its inspiration from the beauty of the old, from the fascination of the trophy and the lucky charm



  • October : New Hipanema's perfumed candle are in stock
  • August : Fall Winter 2018 2019 collection is available online
  • January : Hot news, the SS collection is available



  • January : Spring / Summer collection is online. This new collection is named "Back to basics"
  • July : Fall / Winter is ready to be shipped. Discover a lot of news with new clasps, bag charm, wrap around bracelets, ...



  • December : new candles are now online. Each candle comes with a matching Hipanema bracelet
  • August : FW2017 collection is now available
  • March : Hipanema's sunglasses first collection is online
  • February : Hipanema Spring / Summer 2016 is ready to be shipped ! Hipanema presents for the firts time long necklaces, bangles and a heandband
  • January : Hipanema joins with Atelier Paulin for an exclusive collaboration. The Joy, Gypsy and Love bracelets are avalaible in limited edition



  • September : There are 2 new Hipanema's bracelet for men called Aramis and Dartagnan
  • August : FW2016 collection is now available
  • March : what's new ? Keychains, earrings, news necklaces and bags are available
  • March, the 2nd : The Hipanema temporary tattoos are online
  • February : Spring Summer 2015 is ready to be shipped !



  • November: Hipanema enters your home with a very pretty candle. Imagine the sweet smell of spruce to perfume your sweet winter evenings. Called: “Tamjy”, this candle is sold for 29 euros; it is the perfect gift for Christmas.
  • August: The Fall Winter 2014/2015 collection is available on Lili Shopping and this season, Lili Shopping was the very first e-shop to offer the new products online.
  • July: If you buy your swimsuits and bikinis Amenapih (the Hipanema brand of ready-to-wear and accessories), Lili Shopping gives you a Hipanema tote bag for free.
  • June: For the soccer World Cup, Hipanema, Spartoo and Lili Shopping come together to make you win 50 Hipanema bracelets.
  • April: Hipanema innovates and keeps developing its concept. Discover hairpins of which the top is decorated with pearls used in the creation of Hipanema’s bracelets. 
  • February: The Spring Summer 2014 is available on Lili Shopping
  • January: C+ Accessoires, a professional magazine - which is a reference in the jewel world – announces that Hipanema would have sold 1 million bracelets in less than 2 years. Meanwhile, the video for the next summer collection is filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, is available online.



  • November: Hipanema completes its winter collection with 5 hats designs (branded Amenapih) matching the bracelets Shadow, Boudoir, Imperial and Hippie.
  • September: Launch of the first winter collection of Amenapih with hats, gloves, clutches decorated with the famous thread which are the success of the brand’s bracelets.
  • August: The Fall Winter 2013 / 2014 collection has arrived on Lili Shopping
  • March: The Spring Summer 2013 collection is available on Lili Shopping
  • February: Hipanema launches Amenapih, a new brand which is the logical next step to Hipanema’s universe; with a capsule collection including swimsuits made with the bracelets threads.



  • November: Hipanema creates its first bracelet for men and calls it Buzios, after this famous Brazilian chic and trendy seaside resort.
  • October: The Fall Winter collection 2012/2013 is available on Lili Shopping.
  • March: Official birth of the brand with the creation of the Hipanema society.
  • February: Jenny and Delphine come back from the trip to Brazil and create the first prototypes of whose immediate success will launch the Hipanema adventure.
  • January: The story of Hipanema starts in Rio de Janeiro. The concept is simple: A multiple threads bracelet with a Brazilian inspiration and a magnetic clasp. By mixing multiple bracelets and colored thread together, this idea allows to bring the beach in the city.