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List of products by manufacturer Azuni London

« Inspiration comes from anywhere ». That is from this mantra that Ashley Marshall, the creator of Azun, gets his inspiration. After a few years working as a chef, Ashley Marshall decided to use his instinctive talent of combining various flavors and ingredients in order to create jewelry. Later, he went to South America to discover the Native American culture. There, he studied the ancient art and embraced the philosophy of the indigenous people.

Ashley’s will to join together ancient art and modern pop culture and style enabled him to create a jewelry collection between two worlds: the “Urban Tribes” concept was born. Azuni London has achieved a great success since its commercial launch. The brand continued to be successful, especially when Kate Middleton was seen wearing Azuni drop earrings during a visit in Australia and on many other occasions.

Azuni jewelry are often featured in the press and fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Grazia or Cosmopolitan.